Yilan Festival Calendar

Posted on 20 April 2023

The Yilan event and festival calendar lists important events and festivals in Yilan for 2024. Yilan has a wide variety of events almost every month, each with its own unique features. These distinctive events are a must-see for anyone visiting Yilan and planning their itinerary. Don't miss out on these amazing feasts!
The Yilan Events and Festivals Calendar.

The main events for 2024 are currently:Dongshan Old River Harbor Festival】、【Wujie Walkabout】、【Green Expo】、【Mother's Day - Celebrating Love Together】、【Three Marvelous Rice Paddy Art Cycling Tour】、【Luodong Art and Culture Festival】 、【International Children's Folklore and Folkgame Festival】 、【Dahuimei Greenway Hot Air Balloon Festival】、【Yilan Qixi Festival】、【Yilan Forever Young Festival】、【Nangangao Mackerel Festival】、Dongshan Market】、Jiaoxi Hot Spring and Lantern Festival】。
Dongshan Old River Harbor Festival

Dongshan Old River Harbor Festival

LocationDongshan Railway Station
Dongshan Old River Harbor Festival,The lights are turned on daily from 17:00 to 23:00. Along the old Dongshan River channel from Dongshan Train Station, the route is decorated with light art such as a butterfly light tunnel and a giant moon. There will also be fireworks displays, making it more spectacular and beautiful as the night gets darker.
Wujie Walkathon Half Marathon Charity Run Promotion.

Wujie Walkabout

Date Expected in February
LocationLize Old Street in Wuqi, Wujie Township
"Zouwang" originated from the early practice of warding off disasters by burning them away. It has evolved into a competition of carrying a sacred palanquin. In addition to the competitive events, there is also a music feast that combines modern and traditional elements. Everyone is welcome to join the celebration.
Green Living Expo Promotion Materials

Green Expo

Date Expected in April
LocationWulao Peak Scenic Area
The Yilan Green Expo is an annual event hosted by the Yilan County government in Taiwan in the spring, incorporating environmental sustainability issues into the exhibition area and creating a friendly environment for learning while having fun.
 In the 2023 Yilan Green Expo, the theme is the Shakespeare Maze, which raises awareness of environmental protection through challenging games that balance immediate satisfaction with the green living philosophy of sustainable development.
Mother's Day Celebration - Saying Love to Your Mom Together

Mother's Day - Celebrating Love Together

Date2024.05.01 - 2024.05.31
Nothing opens the window for conversation like a carefully prepared meal. Through delicious food, express your heartfelt gratitude to your mother for all she has done.
At the elegant and cozy venue of Sun Moon Private Kitchen, you can savor a unique atmosphere and immerse yourself in the warmth of the occasion. This will create unforgettable memories with your most precious family members. On this special day, let love be heard and accompany you in expressing love.
Bicycle Touring

Three Marvelous Rice Paddy Art Cycling Tour

DateExpected to be in May.
LocationDongshan Train Station
Meet up at Dongshan Train Station and bike along famous attractions such as the Sanqi Bike Trail, Water and Fire Rocks, Ren Mountain Trail, and Dongshan Old Riverbed. Enjoy the gentle touch of rice paddies and the beauty of rural landscapes. There are also plenty of experiential activities, such as riding electric boats and making handmade ice cream.
Hot Air Balloon Carnival

Dahuimei Greenway Hot Air Balloon Festival

Date Expected in June
LocationDongshan Train Station
The Yilan Dongshan Rice Paddy Footpath Hot Air Balloon Carnival offers a breathtaking 360-degree aerial view of the mountains and Dongshan River as well as a distant glimpse of Turtle Island. In addition to hot air balloon rides, visitors can take stunning photographs on the rice paddy footpath and admire the beauty of the Yilan Borang Avenue.
International Children's Folklore and Folkgame Festival

International Children's Folklore and Folkgame Festival】 

Date Expected in July
LocationDongshan River Water Park
The International Toy Festival is the only large-scale international festival in the country that focuses on toys as its main theme. Each year, it plans three to four themed pavilions dedicated to toys and provides a fun-filled water and land park.
The festival also takes advantage of the natural conditions of the Dongshan Riverside Park and develops unique, large-scale water play facilities that allow people to enjoy water play in the scorching summer, accompanied by exciting performances and beautiful scenery. It is a large-scale event that can keep people entertained all day.
Dongshan Kite Festival.

Dongshan Kite Festival.

Date Expected in July
LocationDongshan Train Station
Yilan Dongshan Kite Festival is a two-day event featuring unique kite designs and stunt performances in the beautiful setting of the Dongshan Rice Paddy Art.
Luodong Art and Culture Festival

Luodong Art and Culture Festival

Date: Expected in July
LocationLuodong Town
The Luodong Art Su Festival combines the efforts of local residents and art teams to create a unique cultural and creative art feast based on the local culture of Luodong. In addition to static exhibitions, the most special feature of the Luodong Art Su Festival is the parade and street activities, which are lively and rich in cultural significance during the event!
Yilan Magpie Bridge Festival Promotion

Yilan Qixi Festival

Date Expected in August
Location:Yilan County 
During the seventh lunar month each year in Yilan, the Qixi Festival is celebrated to commemorate the romantic legend of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. This festival is a perfect occasion for lovers, and the entire city is filled with a lovey-dovey atmosphere. Many shops in Yilan also offer romantic activities during the festival, making it a great opportunity for couples to create unforgettable memories.
Nangangao Mackerel Festival promotion.

Nangangao Mackerel Festival

Date: 2023.09.16-09.17
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Nanfang'ao Harbor, and the Mackerel Festival is particularly lively. In addition to a mackerel culinary feast, fish education advocacy, a bountiful marine market, and cultural experiences like ice-water fish touching, there are also various exciting performances.

On September 17th, there will be a grand parade featuring a procession of participants, including a giant mackerel, temple drum carts, fishermen with their sea flags, a swordfish formation, mackerel dances, and "oil drum" performers. This parade aims to showcase the cultural identity of fishermen and their gratitude towards the fishing harbor.

The Mackerel Festival is a delightful event that offers great food, fun activities, and captivating performances. We look forward to having you join us!
Yilan Forever Young Festival

2023 Yilan Green International Film Festival

From November 4th to December 16th this year, the 13th Yilan International Green Film Festival will take place, embarking on a 43-day visual journey across various locations in Yilan. Even better, by arriving just 15 minutes early, all sessions are free to enter.
Yilan International Green Film Festival Promotional Material.

【Information Overview of Yilan Green International Film Festival

Add:96, Section 1, Chun Jing Road, Luodong Township, Yilan County (Luodong Cultural Factory - Scaffold Plaza)
Note:The film festival will be exhibited at multiple locations in Yilan, please refer to the official announcement for details.
草嶺古道 photo by shitrrpp99

Cao Ling Ancient Trail Silvergrass Season

Date: Expected every Saturday and Sunday in November.
Cao Ling Ancient Trail is one of the popular hiking routes in Yilan, Taiwan. Especially during November when the Silvergrass blooms, the trail attracts a continuous flow of visitors. Since the start of the Silvergrass Festival in 2002, the hills covered in a sea of blooming Silvergrass offer a spectacular sight, making this trail a hotspot. With the entire trail adorned by these blooming Silvergrass during autumn, photographers particularly love to visit Cao Ling Ancient Trail, capturing wonderful memories of the autumn season with their camera shutters.

Guaranteed good market in Dongshan

The market held at Dongshan Railway Station, Taiwan's most beautiful station, "There will definitely be a good market in Dongshan," is a two-day event combining culture, food, and music, perfect for family outings.
2023 Market in Dongshan

【Information Overview of Guaranteed good market in Dongshan 】

Add:Under the railway bridge at Dongshan Station.

Yilan Forever Young Festival

Date: Expected in October
LocationExpected Luodong
The "Yilan Evergreen Festival" is the world's first event designed specifically for the elderly population, offering low-intensity exercises to encourage their participation. The festival aims to showcase the "evergreen spirit" of staying young at heart, dreaming big, and remaining active. It allows the seniors to display their enthusiasm, energy, and vitality.
Jiaoxi Hot Spring and Lantern Festival promotion.

Jiaoxi Hot Spring and Lantern Festival

Date: 2023.11.24-2024.03.01
LocationJiaoxi hot spring park
With a focus on health-preserving hot springs and a variety of colorful lanterns, this event in December creates a lively festival atmosphere in the midst of winter. It allows visitors to Jiaoxi in Yilan to get to know the dreamy hot spring town and experience a holistic mind and body cleansing.

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