Ecoark Mysterious River in Yilan

Posted on 25 August 2021

Dongshan River Ecological Green Boat in Yilan is a forest park created with the theme of natural education and habitat conservation. The entire area covers 18 hectares, where you can often encounter small animals and experience the beautiful scenery of coexistence between humans and nature.
Take a boat to the river cave.
The most popular attraction in the ecological green boat is the mysterious waterway, where visitors can take a duck mother boat to explore the Dongshan River and admire the beautiful scenery along the coast, as well as venture through the dreamy and magical cave waterway. In the mysterious waterway, you can watch the magnificent stone caves reflect on the Dongshan River, and the colorful lights create a mesmerizing and romantic atmosphere.
Overlooking the Ecological Green Boat.
In addition to taking a boat, visitors can also walk to the mysterious riverway, where they can see large stretches of green grass along the way. If you climb up to the Hope Hill viewpoint, you can also enjoy a panoramic view of the charming scenery of Dongshan.
Get up close to appreciate the train.
In addition, the train railway also crosses the Ecological Green Boat Park. Visitors can get up close on the bridge to appreciate the train and feel the excitement of the train whistle and the vibration when it passes through the railway. The Dongshan Train Station is designed with the image of Donggua Mountain, and its unique shape has earned the reputation of the most beautiful train station in Taiwan.
Ecological Green Boat photo by szuminxworld
Ecological Green Boat photo by air540514
Ecological Green Boat. photo by Claire__c.h

Ecological Green Boat Overview of Information

Web:Ecological Green Boat
Time:08:00 – 17:00
Parking:Park Admission Fee and Parking Lot.
Add:No. 172, Section 2, Dongshan Road, Taihe Village, Dongshan Township, Yilan County.
Transportation:Suitable for driving or riding a motorcycle to get there on your own.

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