One Travel Place Suitable for All Ages in Yilan

Posted on 01 October 2021

The traditional arts center is located within the Dongshan River scenic area, where there are many handmade experiences, traditional folk crafts, and picturesque spots for taking photos. Whether you're on a family trip or a romantic date, it's perfect for both the young and old, and the artistic and fashionable.
Map of the Traditional Arts Center Park.
The traditional arts center consists of several blocks, and its main recreational area includes:Misty Forest Fish Luminous TunnelLu Ban Street Workshop Craft MuseumWen Chang Temple Old Street Area】。
Fish Luminous Tunnel Night View

【Misty Forest Fish Luminous Tunnel】

This is the newest open area of the Traditional Arts Center, featuring a dynamic display of the riverside outdoor stage, urban settlements, and countryside landscape areas. Visitors can also take a boat tour to enjoy the beautiful waterside scenery.
Traditional craft experience

【Lu Ban Street Workshop Craft Museum】

In the Lu Ban Street area, there are not only many art installations, but also various hands-on courses designed for sensory experiences. By participating in these activities, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of traditional culture and history in a fun and engaging way, achieving the purpose of combining education with entertainment.
Wen Chang Temple Old Street Area
National Center for Traditional Arts photo by zi.ting_0303

【Wen Chang Temple Old Street Area】

Within the quaint neighborhood, there are various vintage shops such as the pottery museum, glass museum, wooden clog museum, and puppet museum. In addition, there are also Wen Chang Temple, a traditional Chinese theater, and Huang Ju-ren's residence, all of which are full of unique charm and great for taking photos and appreciating
National Center for Traditional Arts photo by yu.le_09
National Center for Traditional Arts photo by qihsin_1119
National Center for Traditional Arts photo by conny_0111

【National Center for Traditional Arts】

Website:National Center for Traditional Arts
Opening time:09:00~18:00(Closing time for ticket sales 17:00)
Parking:The paid parking lot in the park
Address:No. 201, Wubin Road section 2, Wujie township, Yilan county 26841, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Trafic:Drive your own car or motorcycle to get there.ㄒ

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