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Posted on 29 July 2022

In addition to sightseeing and experiencing different scenery and cultural artifacts, cuisine is also an indispensable part of a trip.
Nature-based ecological park

【An all-in-one five-senses travel experience】

In the post-pandemic era, people are paying more attention to staycation, hoping to enjoy a leisurely vacation in a rural destination. At the Sun Moon Lake Yilan Resort, we take nature as the starting point and combine five-senses experiences to create a unique journey for you to relax and enjoy your vacation.
Green architecture inspired by nature
At Sun Moon Lake, surrounded by lush greenery in the ecological park, we offer comfortable lodging spaces that are in harmony with nature. Our private kitchen also extends the natural experience, allowing foodies to taste locally-sourced cuisine at the table, satisfying the visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and gustatory senses of every traveler.
The Sun Moon Lake Private Kitchen restaurant surrounded by nature

【The restaurant itself is a tourist destination】

Due to its unique geographical location and historical background, Taiwan has become a gathering place for world cuisine. Yilan, located between the mountains and the sea, has even richer culinary resources and a naturally comfortable environment.
The Sun Moon Lake Private Kitchen has its own small farm
The Sun Moon Lake Private Kitchen collaborates with local producers and farmers in Yilan to provide fresh local ingredients. In order to ensure the freshest and most reliable quality and local flavor of the ingredients, the Sun Moon Lake Yilan Resort even has a small farm in the ecological park. We fully implement the concept of "from farm to table" and bring sustainable dining to Yilan.

Enjoying the cuisine at the Sun Moon Lake Private Kitchen in Yilan is different from dining at restaurants or hotels in urban areas. The Private Kitchen offers a unique dining experience, making the restaurant itself a tourist destination. Dining at the Sun Moon Lake Private Kitchen is not just about filling one's stomach, but also about savoring delicious food and experiencing the local culture.
French cuisine with Yilan regional flavors

【Getting to know this land through its cuisine】

Chef Chris J. and nutritionist owner Dennis L. plan the menu for Sun Moon Private Kitchen, hoping that through this restaurant, many local and unique culinary cultures and ingredients of Yilan can be discovered and appreciated, using food to introduce people to this land.
Homemade French-style jewelry box desserts at the CUISINE LOHERB
At the CUISINE  LOHERB, not only are the dishes carefully crafted and presented beautifully on the plate, but also the Yilan culinary tradition is integrated with cutting-edge French cooking techniques, using unique and locally-sourced ingredients to design each dish with a principle in mind. The restaurant features specialties such as roasted Lanyang cherry duck and Roman-style pork roll made from local Taiwanese pork. For dessert, the restaurant offers a fusion of kumquat cheesecake and a French-style jewelry box.

CUISINE  LOHERB,To bring the taste of Yilan to the world and to also introduce international flavors to Yilan, using cuisine as a medium for cultural exchange, allowing gourmands to savor the rich and authentic taste of Yilan's French cuisine.
Resort architecture

【The features of Villa Loherb Resort】

Loherb is open year-round, with CUISINE LOHERB only closed on New Year's Eve. Enjoy a unique vacation experience at Loherb without the hassle of crowds, booking flights, or long journeys. Relax and indulge your senses in the vacation mode.
1. 【Healthy cuisine】:Created by a nutritionist and a five-star chef, the cuisine at LOHERB is a culinary masterpiece where every dish is not only delicious but also healthy.
2. 【Spacious natural accommodation in a wide park area】:The 5,000-ping villa loherb estate features a small farm and rooftop garden, and guests can enjoy a home theater and soaking tub in their rooms.
3. 【Close to nature, but not far from the city】:Just a 15-minute drive from Luodong Train Station and a one-hour drive from Taipei, without the hassle of a long journey, you can easily enjoy this nearby hidden gem.


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