Top Souvenir in Yilan

Posted on 21 April 2023

We specially organize all kinds of special features and gifts in Yilan. If you need a coupon or have any needs, please call 03-959-5685 to contact us!!!

Nobel Milk Jelly Roll03-955-8389
Sponge cake wrapped in whipped cream and milk jelly, multi-layered taste enjoyment.
Yilan Cookie03-954-9881
Innovative taste of the traditional Yilan beef tongue cake, the cake body is so crispy.
LOHERB Canele03-959-5685
The taste is outer brittle and inner soft. It is dense but moist. Perfect combine of soft and hard, ice and fire.

Snow Nougat0920-355-222
Combine of Shaqima and nougat, it is not sticky and delicious.

Sun Hope Pancake03-957-7125
A mouthful for vegetarians which is not dry and full.
Agrioz Kumquat03-928-5758
Make kumquats to various flavors and products.
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