From the Largest Immune Organ

Posted on 24 April 2020

Do you know which is the largest organ in human body? Which is the largest immune organ?

The largest organ of the human body is the skin, and the largest immune organ of the human body is the intestine. Skin is in the first line to resist foreign invasion, while the intestine is in charge of more than 70% of body's immune cells.
The role of the intestine can be summarized as 1. The spread of lymphoid organs. 2. Wide spread of beneficial bacteria. 3. Nutrient absorption.Its importance is self-evident, especially the intestines work 24 hours a day. As long as the intestines are well taken care of, there is no worry about immunity.

Therefore, during the COVID-19, besides wearing masks to maintain the respiratory tract, diet and intestinal health can not be ignored. Only a good intestine can have strong immunity and can resist the virus.
When cold or sick, we will use western medicine antibiotics to control the disease, but due to the mechanism of action of antibiotics, it will cause good and bad bacteria to be killed at the same time. The human body is more vulnerable to infections under the empty window that has lost beneficial bacteria. Therefore, supplementing probiotics in a timely manner will effectively improve human immunity and can be used for long-term health maintenance.

LOHERB yogurt probiotic powder has 1.ABCP four bacteria and LAB2PROTM patented double-layer embedding technology. 2. Exclusive target probiotics, effectively destroy bad bacteria. 3.3X109 cfu/g (3 billion/pack) of effective bacteria survives as long as it can reach 108~106 cfu/g or more. 4. Five-in-one comprehensive enzyme: contains pineapple, papaya and fiber-decomposing enzymes to help digest and absorb nutrients. Four major product advantages.

Product functions include: 1. Help maintain digestive tract function and change the ecology of bacterial flora. 2. Adjust immune function and improve allergic constitution. 3. Help smooth bowel movements, improve constipation, and prevent large intestine galling. 4. Improve bloating, diarrhea, acid reflux and other problems. 5. Improve the problem of diarrhea caused by unacceptable soil or eating bad stomach.
LOHERB Probiotic Powder can be consumed directly or brewed with water and beverages. Adults or schoolchildren over the age of 10 on the dosage, daily nutritional supplement, 2 packs a day. Strengthen maintenance 4 packs a day. For school-age children 4 to 10 years old, daily nutritional supplement, 1 pack a day; strengthen maintenance 2 packs a day. For infants consuming non-staple foods ~ 4 years old school-age children, 1 pack a day. Babies can eat half a pack at a time and eat it twice a day.

It is recommended to eat on an empty stomach. The beneficial bacteria are more likely to attach to the intestine. Those who consume more than two packs a day should stagger their time to achieve the maximum benefit of the product. Those who are exposed to yogurt probiotic powder for the first time can be recommended amount of enhanced health care in the first half of the month. After the probiotic is deeply implanted in the intestine, it can be reduced to the maintenance dose and continue to be consumed.
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